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Julio Adame, CPO
Board Certified Prosthetist Orthotist
President of Ace Orthopedics Inc.

Our Team

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Julio Adame is a Board Certified Prosthetist Orthotist through the American Board for Certification and began his career in the field working along side his father on prosthetics and orthotics. 

His formal training started as a technician in July of 1989 and evolved as he became passionate about being involved in direct patient care.  This led to his degree in a Bachelors of Health Science where he graduated with Honors in 1996 and recognized as the recipient of the Karg Scholarship for academic and clinical performance. 

His well developed skills in pediatrics enable him to serve regularly as a consultant in California Children's

Services orthopedic conferences in the Inland Empire, San Diego and Los Angeles Counties; as well as a

consultant in Kaiser Permanente's Prosthetic and Orthotic Clinic. 

Specialized training and Work Experience

  • 1989-1994 Orthotic Prosthetic Associates

  • 1995-1996 Beverly Hills Prosthetics and Orthotics

  • 1996-1999 Modern Prosthetics

  • 1999-2004 Johnsons Orthopedic Appliances

  • 2004 - Established and opened Ace Orthopedics Inc. while continuing his education through regular training, seminars and academy conferences


In his spare time, Julio enjoys golfing, fishing, riding his bike and spending time with his two sons.

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